Finding Your Cooking Style

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In order to find your cooking style, we have to figure out who we are and what made us to what we are now. This goes all the way to your childhood and what you grew up with. This will eventually reflect back onto your everyday pantry.

Creating your own authentic recipe

The goal of this Cooking guide is to give you knowledge of why we do certain things. At the end of this guide, you will be able to create your own authentic recipe that represents who you are. Therefore I will show you how we make Sushi and Japanese dishes and how we can apply the same techniques to create your very own variations and recipe.

Authenticity is important

It is not about originality since nothing is original. It is about authenticity and we create authentic food recipes by reflecting who we are. We look at our childhood, culture, and traditions. In order to be able to create authentic food recipes, we need to make them with intentions, care, and knowledge. This is what will eventually make your cooking authentic.

What is in your Pantry?

It will take some time, life lessons, journeys to figure out what represents you within your pantry. I grew up in an Asian household, therefore you will see, soy sauce (dark & light), oyster sauce, noodles, spam, eggs, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, fermented soybeans, etc in my everyday pantry staples. I later worked in a french and a Japanese fusion restaurant where I developed and added more to my pantry. Look at your own pantry and figure out what represents you in your own pantry.


Create your own every day ”core” Pantry Staple list. What defines you? Look at your childhood, culture and see what is currently in your pantry that represents who you are now. Your pantry may evolve further in the future as I did with mine. I have added Japanese ingredients in my pantry since I worked at a Japanese fusion restaurant.

My Pantry Staples Example can be found on the next page

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