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Is white rice bad or healthy?

As an Asian, I eat a lot of white rice. In my entire life, I have been eating rice and congee. I’m still very healthy but a report comes out that white rice is unhealthy it is empty calories. Suddenly my mom tells me that I will get unhealthy if I keep eating white rice. But mom? You are actually the one that was feeding me with rice pretty much my entire life.

White rice is not unhealthy, and this is why

In the Japanese and Chinese cuisine we balance things out. We never eat only white rice. We mix it with side dishes like veggies, fish and meat. If you compare white rice to brown rice then sure brown rice is better. But try eating only brown rice and see if it is healthy or not. Sure brown rice has more fibers and other things. white rice has the same nutrients but then less.

Balance your meal, and white rice will be healthy

I’m not debating that white rice is bad or good. All I know is that I have been eating white rice and I’m healthy. The secret is to balance your bowl of white rice with healthy veggies, fish and meat. Go eat brown rice for a month-long without side dishes and see if you are still healthy or not. Instead of figuring out if white rice is unhealthy or not, try to balance your meal and enjoy it. People are using butter in their white rice which is unhealthy too. We only add water to cook or rice.

There is organic white and brown rice?

Let’s take a step further, if you try to figure out if rice is healthy or not. Organic brown rice is the healthiest rice out of all the rice family. Where does it stop? There is a lot of companies that are concentrating on making a profit. The way they make a profit is to find ways to make food cheaper. Back in the days, we had just rice, no labels attached. The rice was already organic. Technology has enabled farmers not to rely on mother nature.  The rice is sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides. The rice I buy comes in a big bag of 20kg and it has no organic label on it and I’m 100% sure that it is organic. Figure out if your rice is organic or not.

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