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Tokushu Knife Q&A

If you have seen the before but weren’t sure if you can order safely then you can read more about Tokushu Knife here.

Note: I have received a review sample from Tokushu Knife which you can read here: Satoshi Nakagawa Bunka Review with a Custom handle from Tokushu Knife.

Just like you, I always do my investigation before I decide to buy from a webshop, brand, or company. And with every review sample, I have to do my research before I decide whether to work with them or not.

Who is behind Tokushu Knife?
Tokushu Knife is a small family-owned webshop that started on January 1st, 2021, Tony Maciejewski from Tokushu knife which was already active for around 6 years on eBay under the seller’s name ”worldbestkitchenknife” selling Japanese-made knives like the knives from Moritaka.

About Tokushu Knife
Tokushu Knife is an online retailer specializing in the sale of high-end Japanese kitchen knives and
other hand-forged cutlery and tools such as whetstones, handmade custom handles, strops, and more.

Tokushu Knife Family

  • Tony Maciejewski – Founder and owner of Tokushu Knife also known as Anthony.
  • Zach Peters – In-house Sharpener, warehouse manager, and website curator.
  • Cassie Peters – Zach’s wife, also helps with packing your knives for shipment.

I did a small Q&A with Tony from Tokushu Knife which you can read below:

Questions & Answers with Tokushu Knife

I saw that Tokushu Knife was called ”worldbestkitchenknife” on eBay before it was rebranded to Tokushu Knife. I would love to hear the story behind ‘’WorldBestKitchenKnife’’ on eBay. 

When did you start selling on eBay under the seller name ”worldbestkitchenknife’’?

”I have sold kitchen knives for about 6 years starting on eBay. Being obsessed with the Moritaka families’ history, and quality craftsmanship, I began sharpening their knives and then selling them on eBay with an emphasis on professional sharpening. We had such a positive response, to “sharp” knives from customers, and business was steady from good reviews. “World’s Best Kitchen Knife LLC” is the name of our LLC. I didn’t put much into the name and simply wanted to form an LLC as a business structure.”

– Tokushu Knife, Tony

When or why did you decide to rebrand it to Tokushu Knife? 

”When we decided to go all in, we rebranded to Tokushu Knife. “Tokushu” roughly translates from Japanese to special and or unique, and that is what we intend to provide. We work hard and relentlessly until we get the perfect knife for that customer into their hands. The joy and surprise one can experience by having a high-quality cutting tool are very real and special. That is how we tied our mission into our name.”

– Tokushu Knife, Tony

When did Tokushi Knife start with the online webshop?     

”Tokushu Knife Started the online website on January 1, 2021” 

– Tokushu Knife, Tony

Interestingly, Tokushu Knife offers blade-only options and custom Wa-handles. It is very unique, different, and daring from what others offer. 

Why did Tokushu Knife decide to offer ”Blade Only” and ”Custom Wa Handles’’? 

”One part of our mission is to “Support the knife community with our business. Customers, blacksmiths sharpeners distributors, and even “competitors” as we feel our only true competition, is mass-marketed knives that do not deliver on their promises.”

”Part of our support is to fund custom handle makers and let them express themselves without restriction. We are honored to work with some incredible craftsmen, and this helps us provide a personalized custom experience for our customers. So whether people want to stand out, appreciate the artistry of the handle itself, and or compliment the master craftsmanship of a blade with a well-crafted handle, we have them covered!”

– Tokushu Knife, Tony

I saw that Tokushu Knife recently added a Pocket Knife section which is a nice addition to what Tokushu Knife offers.

What is the plan going forward for Tokushu Knife? Any Future Plans like a physical store?

”Thanks! A physical store is not off the table in the future, it is however for the next few years as we watch the impact of the recession and fine-tune our business operations. For now, we are trying to balance our strengths and efficiently apply them to the proper markets. Zach and I both offer personalized customer service to anyone who messages us. Then we follow through until the customer’s needs are meant. If it means referring them elsewhere it’s okay. Focusing on the customer’s needs and not ours is how we view customer service.”

– Tokushu Knife, Tony

Going forward for us means remaining accessible while we grow. It likely will be

`- High-end custom shop with high-end blades and custom handles with high-end service.

  • Top-notch performers read to-go knives. Pre-build customs or pre-handled heavy hitters like Masakage, Moritaka Etc
  • Value- High-performance Japanese Knives available for in some cases less than the fakes – Takamura, Tsuenhisa Stainless Clad Aogami Superknives, Dao Vua Vietnamese forged knives. (They just upgraded to 52100). The steel we will be adding to our website soon!

Pocket knives- Mcusta sports some very high F and F and is on brand with Japanese blades. I don’t know how much further we can go down this hole in the near future. Mcusta Pocket knives we plan to keep stocking


As I have tested the Satoshi Nakagawa Bunka with Zach Peters’s optional sharpening service/finishing. I can say that I’m very impressed with what Zach Peters can do.

What is the story behind Zach Peters’s sharpening service with Tokushu Knife? / Why did Tokushu Knife decide to specifically add the sharpener’s name to the add-on service?

”I am so happy to hear that. Zach Peters ran a Japanese Knife Facebook group and we started chatting. He has been Sharpening knives for over 16 years. Due to an injury he can “lock” his wrist into place and hold a perfect angle. He’s like the kid who fell on a baseball and then could pitch really well when he healed lol.  Zach and I both sharpen professionally as a side job, so we naturally discussed methods and knives. As soon as Tokushu could support it we brought him on board full-time. His stand-up character is as rare as his sharpening skills. It’s an honor to have him work with us. As sharpeners, we put everything we have into perfecting an edge, especially on high-end knives. Zach’s reputation is well known in some circles, and well deserved in the places it has not yet found. Also, our business is real knife people supporting real knife people. Especially during growth, we do not want to lose that.”

– Tokushu Knife, Tony

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  1. “Tokushu Knife’s commitment to quality, personalized service, and unique offerings makes them a standout choice in the world of kitchen knives. Highly recommended!”

    1. Thank you for the comment, I highly recommend them especially if you are based where they are for faster shipping compared to importing. They also opened a physical location now (which is good to see especially for those in that region so that they can visit the store in person).

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