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TUO Kiritsuke Knife (Dalstrong) Review

You Probably have never heard of TUO Cutlery, they do sell their knives on Amazon. You probably have heard about Dalstrong especially if you live in North America since they are marketing the Dalstrongs there. TUO Cutlery was one of the knife supplier and manufacturers of some of the Dalstrong knives. They started their own knife brand called TUO Ring Series. I got 2 Kiritsuke Knives from TUO Cutlery and I have tested them in a professional kitchen that specializes in Japanese and Asian fusion kitchen like Sushi.

TUO Kiritsuke knife with imported Japanese AUS-10

I have been testing a few AUS-10 from China lately and I’m impressed what an AUS-10 steel type delivers. My latest review with AUS-10 steel was about the Keemake 8 inch chef’s knife from Sunnecko. The Kiritsuke from TUO shares the same strong features however the Kiritsuke felt sharper and the reason for that is because of the sharpening angle. AUS-10 simply performs just like VG10 steel but you can maintain it better. Same rust resistance but just as brittle and prone to chipping. Sharpness and edge retention come with a price and therefore I can only recommend you to cut through boneless meat and vegetables.

The aesthetics of the Tuo Ring Series

The knife itself looks good and definitely better than the cheaper knives from Xinzuo. It got everything that I wanted, A nice look especially the handle. I was worried about the red/brown ring but it was surprisingly comfortable and it adds extra grip. The ring Series that I got did not look like the pictures. They edited the pictures or used a knife where the flames were a lot more visible. But that does not mean that the knife did not look good in real. But this will have an effect on the overall rating.

G10 Handle

The first time I was using a G10 handle was from the Sunnecko / Keemake 8 inch Chef’s knife. I was directly sold since you don’t have to maintain it and it is a lot more hygienic than a wooden handle. I was worried about the handle at first but they gave it textures to prevent it from slipping and the added ring for extra grip works surprisingly very good. When it comes to my personal knife selection for work a G10 handle is pretty much a must-have for me.

Final thoughts

It has been a while since I used a Kiritsuke knife, so I definitely needed some time to get used to it. This knife is more suitable for boneless meat and long strokes. As for continuous chopping motion to make a salad, it is not that suitable. Not suitable for rock chopping, this is definitely a knife for long strokes or slicing than a chopping movement. therefore I prefer to use this knife for meat and fish over vegetables.

TUO Kiritsuke Knife (Dalstrong) Review 2
Suitable for slicing movement, not suitable for rock chopping

The Store I got this knife from is from Tuo Cutlery also called United Kitchen Store.

TUO Kiritsuke

Edge Retention, Steel-Type: AUS-10
Handle Comfort: G10
Rust Resistance

Not as advertised!

The pictures on the sales page look better and therefore it is not as advertised. The knife itself is performing good and it is definitely sharp out of the box. Since it is a Kiritsuke it is not suitable for rock chopping movement but definitely not impossible. I love to slice through fish or meat with it.

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