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Website/YouTube Update.

I’m ChefPanko and welcome to my website, I have a lot in my planning to create more content on my website and on my YouTube channel. I also have a lot of video suggestions from you guys on my YouTube Channel. In order to fulfill all the requests, I want to grow my Youtube Channel and subscribing will also help me to review more knives from all kinds of brands. And I’m very thankful for the support and the companies that send their knives over for review.

Brand deals and Reviews

I got a lot of requests to review a specific brand and a lot of brands did contact me for a review for their knives. If you want me to review any of your products make sure to use the contact form on this website. Keep in mind that I’m fully transparent when it comes to reviews, every subscriber and viewer on my YouTube channel and website will be notified by a full disclosure so that they know how I got the knife. If the knife is ”bad” that will also be in the review and you won’t get a preview of any of the review footage or written text. If you are confident that your product is of good quality don’t hesitate to contact me on my contact form. If you can’t agree with the terms that you won’t be able to review my reviews before I post it online it is better for you to look for another reviewer.

Website changes

The goal for this website was to share my experience with cooking with you guys and that is also by starting with choosing a knife and how you can maintain it. That is also why I want to create a complete guide from choosing a knife to cooking. It will be a completely free guide and you can start at ”Cooking Guide” where I also will include everything else from knives and maintenance.

Current Plan:

  • Completing the cooking guide (W.I.P).
  • Completing the knives and maintenance guide (W.I.P).
  • More content on the website itself and all the video review in a written website review.
  • Cooking content and recipes (W.I.P).

Growing my YouTube Channel ChefPanko

I have a Youtube channel that helped me to get a lot of knives for free in return for a review, I want to grow the channel so that popular knife brands will contact me for a review. And I want to fulfill all the review requests and video suggestions that I got from you guys. If you did not subscribe yet and you are interested in knives and cooking, make sure to subscribe since that helps me a lot.

Current YouTube plan:

  • Longer video formats
  • More review videos
  • Upload at least 1 video every Friday
  • Fulfilling video suggestions like sharpening guide etc.
  • Go in deep details about each knife style like a Santoku, Nakiri, etc.

Future Plans:

  • Upload at least 2 videos a week on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Making cooking recipe video’s and guides

Work – Sushi Chef

On my video’s you will probably notice that I always say that I work in a Japanese restaurant. I was not happy with the current restaurant and the direction it went. Everything I was taught when I was an Apprentice sushi cook has been ignored and the quality of the Sushi went in an extremely downward direction. There is nothing to learn and to improve at that restaurant so I decided to quit my job. So I no longer work in a Japanese restaurant. What you guys may not know is that I started in a French restaurant and transitioned to a Japanese restaurant. I want to give YouTube a try and will be focussing more on creating content on my YouTube Channel and Website.

Full Disclosure

When I link to a website where you can buy a product I will earn a small commission. everything earned from the commission will be going back into my website and YouTube Channel. I will also put a disclosure under all the video description and on this website. I find it important that everything is transparent. Most of the commission earned goes straight back into buying knives that have been requested for a review.

Thank you for the support

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Thank you for your support and feedback.  

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Hi, I'm ChefPanko, I have worked for multiple restaurants and have decided to share my experience with you guys. I will share recipes and techniques that I have learned, taken, and improved from the French, Japanese restaurants that I have worked for. I will also explore other cuisines with you guys.

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