What is cooking?

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Cooking is about ingredients and execution. The ingredients side is simple. We want the best ingredients to put in our bodies. The better the quality, the better your dish will be. But in most or even all cases, you need to open your wallet for the best ingredients. This is what we put in our bodies, and we want to make sure that our food is beneficial and nutritious. So try to continue with your search for better ingredients like meat, fish, vegetables, etc. however quality comes with a cost.


Besides the ingredients to turn you into a great cook, you need the correct execution. Execution is about your skills. That is why I created this cooking guide to help you elevate your skills. I want to help you understand how to challenge yourself, give you the fundamental knowledge, analyze what you are doing and what you are doing wrong, and correct it. Execution also includes the tools you are using, understanding that a quality knife, cutting board, and cookware are essential in your execution results. Your equipment, like your oven, is important too, and it has a great impact on your execution. You have control over the execution, but the ingredients are in control by someone else. Execution is all about you!

Master the techniques

The techniques are most important in a recipe. Since I worked in a Sushi restaurant as a sushi chef and transitioned to an Asian/Japanese Fusion cuisine, I got all the recipes, but the recipe will be useless without the correct techniques. I got the Tamago recipe, but the techniques and experience needed to form a layered Tamago shape. The experience is needed to control the fire at the correct temperature to prevent the Tamago layer from drying out or to prevent brown spots. Recipes are great as guidelines, but the techniques and skills you require to practice give you the ability to execute those recipes to perfection.

Info: You can only master a technique by repeating it over and over again. You need to make the same recipe over and over again to be good at making that dish.

Kitchen setup & essential tools

Safety is critical in a professional kitchen. We communicate with each other, and sometimes we take the station over or jump into another station to help them with the dish. During service, it can be hectic when all orders from different tables come in. But if you are a home cook, then you are probably working on your own. I will talk about different tools, ingredients, and safety so that you can apply them in your own kitchen.

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