About ChefPanko

I’m ChefPanko and welcome to my website. I have been working in a professional kitchen as a Sushi & Teppanyaki chef for a long time. What I have learned is that you have to deal with stress and you should always stay calm. We even have times that we had like 50 orders within 10 minutes of time.

The professional kitchen

What I have learned is that the prep work is the most important thing in the kitchen. Most restaurants have a few part/full-time prep cooks (Kitchen Porter or Commis Chef). The most time will be spent on prepping the ingredients like slicing veggies or making the sauce. Once you have done all the prep work then you can make each dish within 5 to 15 min of time.  In the professional kitchen, we spend most of our time to do the prep work before the rush hour starts.

Cooking at home

Since I work as a full-time chef I realize that I won’t have a lot of time to make dinner at home. There are many people that work full-time and they rather order take away or choose for food delivery than make it themselves. That is why I have decided to help the people that have no time to make food at home since they don’t have time to do the prep work. Most recipes that are online are time-consuming and it will take hours to prepare. You have to sacrifice a day off or you have to prepare it in the weekends.

Easy to make recipes

Love Cooking - Start Cooking

My mission is to get everybody to love cooking. I want you to make your own food instead of ordering take away. Once you know how to cook then you will notice that all the recipes on this website are easy to make. You will spend less time preparing and thinking about what you want to eat each day. I will teach you how to store your ingredients so that you can make the same dish in less time! Our recipes will mostly be made in a large batch so that you have more time in choosing what to eat for dinner than wasting time and preparing the same dish over and over again.

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