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Welcome to my cooking guide, everyone can follow a recipe, but that is not what will turn you into a great cook. Cooking is about instincts, you have to see, feel, smell and taste things. You did not learn how to make a recipe but you did learn how to cook. You don’t have to be a trained chef to cook, you got to cook the food that comes within you.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Chef Panko, you may know me from reviewing knives on YouTube. I’m a former sushi chef at a Japanese restaurant. In this Cooking guide, I will teach you what I have learned from working in a Japanese restaurant. Once you have learned how to make those recipes by applying the techniques and knowledge we will define your own cooking style by implementing what we have learned onto your very own recipes.

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Kitchen Essentials:

What Cookware to use? (WIP)

  • What Cookware to buy
  • Pans
  • Skillet
  • wok

Cooking techniques

There are many techniques that you can master and there are many ingredients that you can combine or cook with different techniques like vegetables, meat, herbs, spices, etc. There is a lot to cover but we will concentrate on the basics so that you can evolve on your own.

Basic cooking techniques and habits to master: (WIP)

  • Mise en Place + Must have tools before you start!
  • See, feel, smell and taste
  • Knife skills and how to hold a knife
  • Being efficient and clean
  • What is Blanching and why do we, Blanche?
  • What is Glazing and why do we glaze?

Sushi Course/Guide

Coming Soon.

Click on the button to start your cooking course or click the table of contents below to start where you want.

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