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Welcome to my Cooking guide page, everyone can follow a recipe but that is not what will turn you into a great cook. You need to evolve and learn from your mistakes to become a great cook. Explore, experience, try, test, taste, smell, feel and look! Before you can make mistakes you need to understand the fundamentals, the absolute basics before you proceed in creating your own dishes or your own complete menu. It is time to forget everything you know and start from the beginning with this Cooking guide. This page will get updated from time to time because we will never stop learning about cooking. I will teach you what I have experienced while I was working in a professional kitchen and how you can apply it to your home cooking.

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Home cooking fundamentals

I will teach you about the basics and the techniques that are used in the kitchen. You need to understand where you need to go and what you need to do before you can create your own dish. I’m not a Michelin star chef, I worked at a sushi restaurant and in an Asian/Japanese Fusion cuisine. But there is one thing every chef has in common and that is that they know the basics. This is your new modern cooking guide there won’t be any cooking books or PDF guides. I will upload everything on this website and upload videos about it on my Youtube Channel. So let’s start with the cooking guide.

What is cooking?

Cooking is about ingredients and execution, the ingredients side is simple we want the best ingredients to put in our body. The better the quality the better your dish will be. But in most or even all cases, you need to open your wallet for the best ingredients. This is what we put in our bodies and we want to make sure that our food is beneficial and nutritious. So try to continue with your search for better ingredients like meat, fish, vegetables etc. however quality comes with a cost.


Besides the ingredients to turn you into a great cook you need the correct execution. Execution is about your skills. That is why I created this cooking guide to help you elevate your skills. I want to help you understand how to challenge yourself, give you the fundamental knowledge and to analyze what you are doing and what you are doing wrong and how to correct it. Execution also includes the tools you are using, understanding that a quality knife, cutting board, and cookware is really important in the results of your execution. Your equipment like your oven is important too and it has a great impact on your execution. You have control over the execution but the ingredients are in control by someone else. Execution is all about you!

Master the techniques

The techniques are most important in a recipe. Since I worked in a Sushi restaurant as a sushi chef and transitioned to an Asian/Japanese Fusion cuisine. I got all the recipes but without the correct techniques, the recipe will be useless. I got the Tamago recipe but it was the techniques and experience that were needed to form a layered Tamago shape and then turn that into a Tamago nigiri. The experience is what was needed to control the fire at the correct temperature so that you don’t dry out the Tamago layers or create a brown spot on your layers. Recipes are great as guidelines but it is the techniques and the skills that you require to practice or to give you the ability to execute those recipes to perfection.

Why is it important to master the techniques?

When I was eating at a Chinese restaurant every Friday the exact dish that I ordered tasted amazing every single Friday. I switched the day to a Monday the exact same dish tasted different definitely not better than Friday. Once I asked the waitress about the change in the dish she told me that the chef that makes this dish is free every Monday. And there you have it the chef on Monday had the exact same recipe but did not have the techniques mastered to perfect that recipe.

Nobody perfected the KFC techniques (Example)

The same applies to KFC, it is a big chain but every KFC chain has the exact same pre-packed mix of spices and they still manage to taste differently at different KFC chain. Sometimes it is too spicy and sometimes it is too oily and not crispy. They even mess up with the measurements of the pre-mixed pack of spices. And yet the cooks that work there has never touched a kitchen knife since the chicken gets delivered precut or even pre-seasoned and coated (KFC popcorn chicken). They did not mess up with the taste of the KFC popcorn chicken since that comes pre-seasoned and coated. And that is how you keep the spices a secret.

Kitchen setup & essential tools

Safety is very important in a professional kitchen. We communicate with each other and sometimes we take the station over or jump into another station to help them with the dish. During service, it can be hectic when all orders from different tables come in. But if you are a home cook then you are probably working on your own. I will talk about different tools, ingredients, and safety so that you can apply them in your own kitchen.

Kitchen Essentials:

Essential ingredients:

  • Seasoning Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Flavour Enhancer
  • Added Flavour (Pepper)

What Cookware to use?

  • What Cookware to buy
  • Pans
  • Skillet
  • wok

Cooking techniques

There are many techniques that you can master and there are many ingredients that you can combine or cook with different techniques like vegetables, meat, herbs, spices etc. There is a lot to cover but we will concentrate on the basics so that you can evolve on your own.

Basic cooking techniques and habits to master:

  • Mise en Place + Must have tools before you start!
  • See, feel, smell and taste
  • Knife skills and how to hold a knife
  • Being efficient and clean
  • What is Blanching and why do we, Blanche?
  • What is Glazing and why do we glaze?


Coming Soon.

Fine Dining

Coming Soon.

Extra cooking techniques

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