Note: Review Samples
As some may have noticed, the review spots were briefly opened in early March 2024. Those who emailed me during the opening period had a reply back from me. I unfortunately have closed the review samples request on March 25th, 2024, as all review slots have been taken. I will update this page once it is opened thank you for your understanding.

PS: If I have worked with your brand before you can still contact me, as the company’s background check has already been completed and confirmed. (Background checks are always done due to the many white label and dropshipping brands etc,).

    Note: Our partnerships are formed with transparency and honesty at their core. We ensure that all collaborations are showcased with clear disclosure of our relationship with each brand.

    Companies I Have Worked With

    Chef Panko takes pride in collaborating with industry-leading companies that share a passion for quality and excellence. Below is a curated selection of esteemed companies Chef Panko has had the pleasure to work with.

    Wüsthof Logo

    Work Sharp

    Work Sharp is a brand known for its innovative knife sharpeners. Their tools feature advanced technologies like abrasive belts and precision angle guides for efficient and consistent sharpening. The brand is recognized for its commitment to quality in maintaining the sharpness of various cutting tools. For the latest information, check the official Work Sharp website.

    Sakai Ichimonji

    Sakai Ichimonji is a renowned Japanese knife brand based in Sakai City, Osaka, known for crafting premium knives with meticulous craftsmanship. Highly regarded by chefs and enthusiasts, their knives showcase sharpness, edge retention, and traditional forging methods. For the latest information, visit their official website.

    Musashi Hamono

    Musashi Hamono is a Japanese brand known for crafting high-quality kitchen knives. Renowned for traditional craftsmanship, their knives are prized for sharpness and quality materials.

    Zahocho Knives Tokyo

    Zahocho Knives Tokyo Logo

    Fred and Akiko, founders of Zahocho Knives Tokyo, share a passion for cooking and Japanese knives. Established in 2019, their mission is to offer high-quality Japanese kitchen knives for all enthusiasts. With a curated range, they cater to beginners, home cooks, chefs, and collectors alike. I worked with them because of their commitment to providing a strong foundation for culinary adventures and fine craftsmanship.

    If you’re interested in partnering with Chef Panko, I welcome you to reach out through the contact form. My audience values my commitment to unbiased reviews and informative content.

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