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Cheap AliExpress kitchen knives (11.11 Sale 2022)

ALiExpress 11.11 Singles Sales are starting!

AliExpress singles sales are starting, and as usual, it is the sales event I was waiting for. I had a lot of knives on my wishlist but unfortunately, not all of the knives were part of the 11.11 Singles Sales day on AliExpress.

One of the knives I can recommend is the following knife:

Xinzuo 440C Chef’s Knife, the full review of this knife can be read here.

Xinzuo 440C Chef's Knife
Xinzuo 440C Chef’s Knife

The other knives I have added to my cart are the following:

The Xinzuo Santoku with Powdered Steel From The Xinzuo Lan Series (14Cr14MovNb)

The Xinzuo Santoku with Powdered Steel From The Xinzuo Lan Series (14Cr14MovNb)

Why did I choose the Xinzuo Lan Series?

Xinzuo is one of the brands I have tested multiple times, they are one of the select few that could deliver consistent quality across their knife series. However, their design choices are sometimes questionable. The main reason for choosing the Santoku Lan Series from Xinzou is mainly due to the powdered steel that I want to test, I’m however worried about the handle comfort.

The second knife on my list

The Second knife is a Kyokuto Santoku with 10cr15comov Steel (From Dongsun)

The Second knife is a Kyokuto Santoku with 10cr15comov Steel (From Dongsun)
The Second knife is a Kyokuto Santoku with 10cr15comov Steel (From Dongsun)

I only have tested one knife from Dongsun, so I can’t say much about their entire knife series. But this Kyokuto caught my attention. It looks like a Miyabi Artisan Knife with a mix of Kai Shun Premier. And hopefully, the anatomy of the knife and handle comfort and balance point are good.

The hidden Gem?

Xinzuo Santoku with a Wa-Handle (10cr15comov).
For just around $53 it is worth a try (excluding the $5 off for every $30 spend). A review of all the knives will follow once I received my knives.

Xinzuo Santoku with a Wa-Handle

What makes the 11.11 sales event on AliExpress special?

Keep in mind that what makes this 11.11 sales special, is that with every $30 you spend you get extra 5 dollars off (only at the start of the 11.11 Sales Launch Day now it is $3 off every 30 spend up to $15 max per order) if available don’t forget to add the store coupons during checkout and wait till the event starts before finalizing your order.

On the screenshot, it says $3 off but when the sale started it was $5 off for every $30 dollar spent (This was only during the first day after the first-day launch it is set back to $3).


Just ordered all 3 knives, I’m from Europe so it is in Euro, and since I’m from the Netherlands the price includes the 21% sales tax.

Order ID partial removed
Order ID partially removed

Just found some extra discount codes that can be applied on the 11.11 sales week and depending on what country you are from (can only be used once per account):

 [11.11 Sale Codes]: *Available for countries EXCEPT for shipping to RU, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, ES, FR, BR, KR, US, SA, BH, KW, OM, QA, AE
  Value: US $3 | Minimum spend: $40 with Code Name: 11DSale3
  Value: US $7 | Minimum spend: $80 with Code Name: 11DSale7
  Value: US $12 | Minimum spend: $120 with Code Name: 11DSale12
  Value: US $17 | Minimum spend: $170 with Code Name: 11DSale17
  Value: US $23 | Minimum spend: $230 with Code Name: 11DSale23
  Valid during Nov 1st to Nov 12th, 2022 PST

 [US Code]:
  Value $7, minimum spend: $50 with Code Name: 1111US7
  Value $15, minimum spend: $100 with Code Name: 1111US15
  Value $30, minimum spend: $200 with Code Name: 1111US30
Valid during Nov 1st to Nov 12th, 2022 PST

Copy and paste the codes during checkout.

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  1. I’ve purchased two other Xinzuo kitchen knives from the same series as the santoku you describe with the wa handle: a 6″ petty knife and a 6.5″ wide nakiri. Both of them have nearly perfect f&f, performance is very similar to Japanese damascus knives I have with vg-10 steel–and I love the feel of the handle.

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