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Chinese Dual-Purpose Cleaver Review – Leung Tim Chopper Factory (Chopper – 文武刀)

We got 8 categories to talk about in this knife review.

Leung Tim Dual-Purpose Chopper Choil Shot
Leung Tim Dual-Purpose Chopper Choil Shot
  • Dual Purpose Cleaver vs Vegetable Cleaver
  • Leung Tim Aesthetic & Specifications
  • Knife Handle & Comfort
  • Gripping Style & Balance Point
  • Knife Profile
  • Sharpness & Edge Retention
  • Key Takeaways
  • Key Takeaways & Recommendations

We start with the differences between a Dual Purpose Cleaver vs a Vegetable Cleaver.

''Chopper'' on the left and the right ''Slicer''
”Chopper” on the left and the right ”Slicer”

Dual Purpose vs Vegetable Cleaver?

When we talk about a Chinese Cleaver we all think about a Chinese Chef’s knife that can do it all. However each of those so-called ‘’Cleavers’’ is not a cleaver, both the Chinese Vegetable and Dual-Purpose knife look like a cleaver but perform very differently.

Left: Dengjia Bone Cleaver Middle: ''Chopper'' Right: ''Slicer'' or known as ''Vegetable'' Cleaver
Left: Dengjia Bone Cleaver Middle: ”Chopper” Right: ”Slicer” or known as ”Vegetable” Cleaver

The most bought Cleaver should be the Chinese Vegetable ‘’Slicer’’ but that knife is not a knife that can do it all, and as stated in the Chinese name it is a ‘’Slicer’’ or mostly knows as a Chinese ‘’Vegetable’’ Knife or Cleaver for those that can’t read Chinese.

''Slicer'' or known as Chinese ''Vegetable'' Cleaver or ''CaiDao''.
”Slicer” or known as Chinese ”Vegetable” Cleaver or ”CaiDao”.

It is ideally used to slice through vegetables or boneless meat. The knife is thinner, lighter, and has a sharper feel than a Dual Purpose Chopper.

Left: ''Chopper'' - Right: ''Slicer''
Left: ”Chopper” – Right: ”Slicer”

A Dual Purpose Chopper is a knife for Chopping and slicing, it is also known as the do it, Chinese Chef’s knife where the front 2/3th part is used to slice and the thicker 1/3th heel area is used to chop through small bones not larger than a chicken bone.

Leung Tim Dual Purpose ''Chopper''
Leung Tim Dual Purpose ”Chopper”

The Dual-purpose, ‘’Chopping and Slicing’’ knife is thicker and heavier than a Chinese Vegetable Slicer.

Left ''Chopper'' - Right: ''Slicer''
Left ”Chopper” – Right: ”Slicer”

The added weight helps to go through small bones and meat, and the thicker spine and the added weight is ideal to tenderize meat.

Splitting a Duck in half with the Leung Tim ''Chopper''
Splitting a Duck in half with the Leung Tim ”Chopper”

Leung Tim Aesthetic & Specifications

The Leung Tim Dual Purpose Chopper is entirely made with stainless steel. There was no information about the steel type that they used, but it is a workhorse knife so you don’t have to worry about chipping or rusting.

Leung Tim ''Chopper''
Leung Tim ”Chopper”

The blade length is 200mm. While Leung Tim did not specify the Rockwell hardness, the Rockwell on my review sample is around 56. The knife thickness is 5.5mm at the heel area, 5.4mm in the middle, and 5.3mm at the front.

Leung Time ''Chopper'' Spine Thickness
Leung Time ”Chopper” Spine Thickness

The knife weight of my review sample is 490 grams. The embossed markings on the blade tell you that it is a stainless steel knife, Leung Tim brand name and logo, and the location of their store.

Embossed marking is less Visible on the Leung Tim ''Chopper''
Embossed marking is less Visible on the Leung Tim ”Chopper”

Knife Handle & Comfort

The handle is a stainless steel handle that is welded onto the blade. The left side of the handle has Chinese characters stating the knife brand and version.

Leung Tim Chinese Characters on the handle
Leung Tim Chinese Characters on the handle

On the right side of the handle, you can see the Leung Tim Trademark with the Globe and two tigers.

Leung Tim Trademark on the Handle
Leung Tim Trademark on the Handle

The handle shape is well designed and very comfortable to hold for small to large hand sizes. The debossed patterns on the handle add extra grip. The handle length is 10.5cm, keep in mind that the Chinese characters and Leung Tim’s logo need extra attention while cleaning.

Leung Tim ''Chopper'' handle 10.5cm
Leung Tim ”Chopper” handle 10.5cm

Gripping Style & Balance Point

I recommend a pinch grip for a Chinese Dual Purpose Knife where the thumb and index finger determine the balance point. With this gripping style, the knife will be, front-heavy. The choil is rounded so there are no sharp edges.

Leung Tim ''Chopper'' rounded choil
Leung Tim ”Chopper” rounded choil

You can also pinch with 3 fingers so that you avoid touching the choil.

Leung Tim ''Chopper''
Leung Tim ”Chopper”

Knife Profile

The blade profile is quite flat, but the heel and the front have a slight curve to prevent you from digging into your cutting board. The curves also give you the ability to rock with the blade.

Leung Tim ''Chopper'' blade profile
Leung Tim ”Chopper” blade profile

Sharpness & Edge Retention

The sharpness out of the box was inconsistent and more on the toothier side.

Leung Tim ''Chopper'' has a toothier finish on the cutting edge
Leung Tim ”Chopper” has a toothier finish on the cutting edge

Most of us won’t notice it but on things like meat, the toothier edge and the added weight of the knife will be more beneficial on meat.

Leung Tim ''Chopper'' is great on meat
Leung Tim ”Chopper” is great on meat

The out-of-the-box sharpened angle was around 25 degrees on this review sample. The edge retention will last you around 1 or 2 months with regular honing sessions in between if used at home.

Key Takeaway & Recommendation

The Leung Tim Dual Purpose Chopper is a budget-friendly knife that is built like a tank. A very sturdy, thick chopper that can be abused without consequences unless you are going to chop through a lot of bones thicker than a chicken bone.

Don't use a ''Chopper'', a ''Dual Purpose'' knife to chop on dense, hard, and thick bones like spare ribs.
Don’t use a ”Chopper”, a ”Dual Purpose” knife to chop on dense, hard, and thick bones like spare ribs.

This knife is not designed to be sharp but designed to go through small bones and meat.

A ''Chopper'','' Dual Purpose'' Chinese knife is great for small bones not larger than a duck or chicken bone.
A ”Chopper”,” Dual Purpose” Chinese knife is great for small bones not larger than a duck or chicken bone.

If you want a knife for the more delicate slicing job the Chinese Vegetable Slicer is the better option.

Leung Tim Vegetable ''slicer'' knife
Leung Tim Vegetable ”slicer” knife

You most likely need to hone the knife every 3 to 5 days and add a sharpening session every month or two if used at home. A great knife that I can recommend to any home cook that needs the small bone chopping ability or need to go through a lot of meat and that for a very budget-friendly price of around $20 to $25. I don’t recommend this version for professional use since this version is highly focused on the home cooks with a smaller form factor.

🛒S H O P:

I highly recommend buying from your local Asian supermarket as they tend to be a lot cheaper there than ordering online.

Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po, Cheung Sha Wan Rd, 221

Length: 20.5cm
Width: Front 8.2cm, Rear 9.2cm
Thickness: 5.5mm heel, 5.4mm middle, 5.3mm front
Weight: 490grams
Steel-Type: Stainless
Handle/Lenght: Stainless Steel handle/10.5cm
Logo: Stamped

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  1. Hi! I am from Romania. I saw the video of this cleaver, and I’m interested in a DUAL PURPOSE CLEAVER. I’m interested in how much it costs, including transport? I’m not a professional, I only use it at home. If possible, send me a link where I can see more offers with this type of knives. I want to use it both for cutting vegetables and meat (chicken, pork, … with small bones), but especially for vegetables
    Thank you!

    1. The Leung Tim in this article can mostly be found at a local Asian supermarket (I have not found any Leung Tim’s online, and I have no idea if they sell it in Romania but your best bet is to find an Asian/Chinese Supermarket/shop). Prices have been increased now I have no idea what the current prices are I got mine at around 20/25 Euro but I think prices are now around 30+ Euro.

      Another dual purpose:
      The is a good choice that is affordable, I prefer the smaller size. It is a softer type of steel so it needs more frequent honing sessions/maintenance sessions.
      But overall very strong and affordable. The smaller version is recommended ().

      The review can be found here:

      The price is around 28 euros (includes free shipping and taxes in Europe so no more import tax).
      But on some occasions there is an extra discount where you can get the knife for around 25 Euro or maybe less. (Valentine’s day is around the corner so they may have an extra sale going on when that starts)

      For pork like pork ribs etc, it is recommended to get a dedicated bone-cleaver and not a dual-purpose one, but for chicken, duck, etc the dual-purpose one will do fine (if it is more dedicated for those tasks alone a bigger version like the P01 or P02 is recommended).

      I only reviewed one bone cleaver which you can read here:

      Hope that this helps feel free to ask more questions.

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