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Different CCK Cleaver 2021 Edition (Chan Chi Kee)

Before you buy a CCK Cleaver, you must know that CCK has changed the logo design. The new batches for 2021 have been replaced with a lasered logo instead of stamped.

Chan Chi Kee 2021 edition lasered logo Design (CCK)

I like the old stamped logo as it adds characteristics.

Chan Chi Kee Old Stamped logo design (CCK)

But the lasered logo makes the Chan Chi Kee less unique.

Chan Chi Kee 2021 edition lasered logo (not a final design)

Everything else is the same. So make sure you contact the seller to make sure which batch you get before ordering. CCK also has changed the packaging. The old batch has a paper wrap around the knife, and they replaced it with a carton box. 

Chan Chi Kee’s old packaging is just a paper wrap
Chan Chi Kee’s new packaging

Where to buy a CCK (Local Asian supermarket)

The price of the CCK has been going up a lot. The prices online are pretty pricey. If you can, I highly recommend visiting an Asian supermarket. The lowest price I got at my local Asian supermarket was around $70. In comparison, online prices were ranging around 90 dollars.  

Chan Chi Kee (CCK)

Bad Translation – Vegetable Cleaver or Dual-Purpose Cleaver? (Chopper) 

You can read the description when you order online, but you don’t have a description when you visit an Asian supermarket, and the knives all look similar. However, the cleavers are different in usage.

Which Chan Chi Kee is a Slicer and which is a Chopper?
Which Chan Chi Kee is a Slicer and which is a Chopper?

For example, most Asian supermarkets have knives behind a locked display cabinet. In addition, the translated title on the price tag of the knife is sometimes wrong. In this example, they have the wrong translation as this is a slicer or also known as a vegetable cleaver.

The sticker from the dutch importer has the wrong translation

But the dutch translation tells me that this is a meat cleaver, but the Chinese characters on the package say that it is a slicer. And with the new packaging, it will be even harder to differentiate them if you can not read Chinese.

Version indication by Chan Chi Kee (CCK)

The only indication of the version is in Chinese at the bottom of the box. 

New packaging and version indication at the bottom/top in Chinese.
New packaging and version indication at the bottom/top in Chinese.

Vegetable Cleaver or Dual-Purpose Cleaver 

It is hard to differentiate a Chopper from a vegetable cleaver by just looking. The first thing you notice when you compare them is that the Chopper is thicker and heavier. The vegetable cleaver is thinner and lighter.

This is a vegetable cleaver, Thick is a dual-purpose cleaver also known as a chopper (reinforced heel, suitable for small bones)
This is a vegetable cleaver, Thick is a dual-purpose cleaver also known as a chopper (reinforced heel, suitable for small bones)

Unless you intend to go through a lot of meat and small bones or you need to crack open a crab shell with the back of the knife, then the thicker Chopper is your preferred choice.

Chan Chi Kee KF1802 Chopper
Chan Chi Kee KF1802 Chopper

Therefore the Chopper is usually used by a cook or chef that works in a restaurant.

CCK KF1802

For everything else, the thinner vegetable cleaver is most likely the best suitable knife for home use, as you can ask your butcher to chop your meat with bones to your required size.  


If you order online, make sure you choose the correct knife for your task. For example, do you need a thicker Chopper or a thinner Vegetable Cleaver? If you care about the characteristics, make sure you get an old batch since the new CCK 2021 version has a changed logo that is lasered instead of stamped, the new logo removes the characteristics that make a CCK knife a bit more special. I hope that CCK reverts to the old stamped logo as I’m not too fond of the lasered ones.    

Chan Chi Kee KF1912

🛒S H O P:

I highly recommend buying from your local Asian supermarket as they tend to be a lot cheaper there than ordering online.

Knives used in this article:
Chan Chi Kee NO.2 (CCK)
KF1902 (Wooden handle, Chopper)
KF1912 (Wooden handle Vegetable Cleaver, Slicer)
KF1802 (Stainless Steel, Chopper)
KF1812 (Stainless Steel Vegetable Cleaver, Slicer)

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