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Kasumi Chef’s Knife VG10 Review 240mm – Made in Seki Japan

The Kasumi Chef knife comes with 32 layers of stainless steel holding the VG10 core, giving it a layered hazy pattern. While the layers add to the aesthetic of the 240mm Kasumi Chef knife, it also strengthens the VG10 core.

Kasumi Chef's Knife VG10
Kasumi Chef’s Knife VG10

The Kasumi VG10 comes with a Rockwell of 59 to 60. The knife thickness is 2.2mm in the neck area and 2.1mm in the middle indicating that the knife has a distal taper.

Kasumi Chef Knife Spine Taper
Kasumi Chef Knife Spine Taper

The weight of the knife is 238grams. 

Kasumi Chef’s Knife VG10 – Choil

Knife Handle & Comfort

The Kasumi handle has a full tang half bolstered handle with 2 rivets. The full tang handle is inserted into a pakkawood handle.

Kasumi Handle
Kasumi Handle

The handle is surprisingly comfortable on your hands, due to the rounded contours. In terms of comfort and feel of the Kasumi handle, you can compare it to an octagonal handle without the edges, and in my opinion even more comfortable to hold than an octagonal handle.

Kasumi Handle vs Octagonal Handle
Kasumi Handle vs Octagonal Handle

The handle length is around 12cm. With the diagonal cap and the handle shape, the handle will be comfortable for small and even large hand sizes. 

Reference: I have a Large hand size
Reference: I have a Large hand size

Gripping Style & Balance Point

I recommend a pinch grip for a Chef knife where the thumb and index finger determine the balance point. The point of balance of the Kasumi Chef is at the half bolster.

Kasumi Chef Knife Point of Balance
Kasumi Chef Knife Point of Balance

The diagonal bolster also makes it comfortable to pinch at that area. For more precise tip work the fingertip grip is also comfortable to hold. The knife will be front-heavy with a fingertip grip assisting you with your tip work. 

Front heavy with a fingertip grip
Front heavy with a fingertip grip

Knife Profile 

The knife has a profile similar to other chef knives, it will curve aggressively which is ideal for rocking.

Kasumi Chef Knife Profile
Kasumi Chef Knife Profile

Core Material & Rockwell Hardness 

The Kasumi Chef knife has a VG10 core which has great stainless properties and holds a decent edge. You don’t have to worry about rusting. The Rockwell Hardness of this knife is specified at 59 to 60.

Kasumi Chef Knife Rockwell Hardness

Edge retention

The knife on my review sample is sharpened at around a 15-degree angle per side. With the added taper, it will cut smoother at the front half. The edge retention is around 4 to 5 months with regular honing sessions before needing a whetstone sharpening session if used at home.

Kasumi Sharpening Angle of 15 degrees per side
Kasumi Sharpening Angle of 15 degrees per side

Key Takeaway & Recommendation

The Kasumi Chef knife delivers on all aspects of what you would expect from a Chef knife with a VG10 core. It has a nice spine taper, and profile taper and is built to last. There are no flaws because of the good quality control and Kasumi does not overpromise anything. A very well-built chef knife that is suitable for home and professional cooks. The handle design is simple but very effective in terms of comfort and feel.

Reference: I have a large hand size
Reference: I have a large hand size

Maintenance & Care

The knife is nicely sealed off, there are no gaps for moisture to be trapped. All you need to do is hand wash, and dry the knife before stowing. You most likely need to hone the knife once a month and add a sharpening session every 4 or 5 months if used at home. 

Kasumi Chef Knife
Kasumi Chef Knife

N O T E S:
Kasumi has different knife series, the version I reviewed here is the Kasumi Damascus series.

If you want to read the Review about the Kasumi Yanagiba (Right-Handed Version) click here.

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NA: Kasumi Cutlery
EU: Kasumi Cutlery

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