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Keemake 8 inch Chef’s knife from Sunnecko – AUS-10

I have been testing this Keemake 8-inch Chef’s knife from Sunnecko for more than 2 months in a professional kitchen. We are a Japanese and Asian dining kitchen. They also sell this knife but with a black handle on Amazon but the price there is $80 not including shipping. I got mine from AliExpress for $55 and that does include shipping, however, AliExpress has different pricing for different members depending on your shopping level. New members will see around +/-$60 for the same knife but still cheaper than buying it from Amazon.

Keemake 8 inch Chef’s knife with imported Japanese AUS-10

The main reason for buying and testing the Keemake Chef’s knife from Sunnecko is because of the claimed imported AUS-10 steel. I’m more interested in the steel type that they use in the knife than the branding on the knife. Therefore I have tested many knives manufacturers and resellers from China that offer different types of steel. I’m very impressed with the AUS-10 steel they perform just like VG-10 steel just as brittle and prone to breaking but also very sharp like the VG-10. I never heard of AUS-10, VG-10 was pretty much the gold standard in Japanese knives. After testing it for myself I can safely say that I’m impressed and that I will place the AUS-10 above the VG-10 steel. If you want to know more about the steel types read the following article ” Choosing your knife

Keemake 8 inch Chef’s knife from Sunnecko

The aesthetics

The knife itself looks stunning and looks definitely better than the cheaper knives from Xinzuo that also have a hammered Damascus look. However, most hammered knives from China also hammer the back of the blade. Therefore the back of the knife will not look straight compared to a knife without a hammered finish. I did not notice anything while using it since I don’t concentrate on the back of the blade. The handle is not wood but a G10 handle and I find that a huge plus for maintenance and hygiene.

Downside of a hammered finish (barely visible on the photo)

G10 Handle

I never have heard of a G10 handle, I only used steel like the Global, wood, and plastic like the paring knife from Victorinox. After more research, I saw that they use G10 for survival knives for a long time. I never heard of it for a kitchen knife but it is fiberglass glued together. This has some benefits since no moisture will go in the handle, easy to clean and no maintenance needed. This is a huge plus especially if you work in a busy restaurant where you don’t have time to wash oil and maintain the knife handle.

Final thoughts

For me AUS-10 is my new knife standard, not VG, German steel or Chroma steel from Global. Also after testing a G10 handle for the first time I won’t go back to wood. Wood has its charm but for a hygenic standpoint I have to give it to the G10 handle. Only downside for me is that this Keemake Chef’s knife has a more rounder belly profile compared to other Chef’s knife. I personally never like the rounder belly profile from a Chef’s knife but on this Keemake one the round belly profile is noticible with my slicing and chopping style.

I prefer a Kiritsuke, Santoku and a Nakiri profile

Keemake 8 inch Chef's Knife

Edge Retention, Steel-Type: AUS-10
Handle Comfort: G10
Rust Resistance

Great knife for the price!

The knife looks stunning I like the hammered finish and the Damascus layers. Unfortunately, a hammered finish comes with a downside. The G10 handle is surprisingly good, hygienic and durable. I'm impressed with the sharpness and the AUS-10 steel and therefore I will make AUS-10 my #1 steel-type. Easier to maintain than a VG-10, great rust resistance, durable and that for an amazing price tag.

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  1. thanks for the review and the professional insight on the subject – it helped me a lot in choosing my first good chef knife to practice on my knife skills but with a decent price tag

    1. Thank you for letting me know that it helped you in choosing your knife. This motivates me to keep reviewing and making video guides for everyone that want to learn about steel-types and how to sharpen a knife etc.

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