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Zahocho Knives Review

Zahocho Review

I will be sharing my experience with Zahocho Knives Tokyo in this article. You can also read a small Q&A that I did with Zahocho Knives Tokyo at the end of this article.

Note: You can read the review of a Zahocho Original Gyuto here: Kisuke x Zahocho Gyuto Review

About Zahocho Knives Tokyo

Zahocho Knives Tokyo is a Tokyo, Japan-based online shop specializing in authentic Japanese kitchen knives. They offer a range of value, high-performance, and collectors knives with worldwide shipping with EMS or DHL. Frederick Magno and his wife Sarah manage the webshop.

Frederick Magno (right) and his wife Sarah (left)Zahocho Knives Tokyo

About Frederick Magno

Fred is very passionate about knives and knows a lot about the anatomy of the knives he is offering. His passion shines through his in-depth replies. If you have any questions, wishes, or requirements or you are not sure what knife to get, you can count on Fred to help you to find the knife that suits you the best. He has a deep understanding of the knives he offers but also knows the anatomy of the knife styles.

Note: Frederick Magno is also known as ”Fred” or ”Erick”.

Shipping & Handling

From answering questions to personal touches like a handwritten card. You can expect that your order will arrive safely at your doorsteps. Zahocho Knives Tokyo will communicate the steps that are being taken via email and will keep you up to date about your order status. The shipment box will have enough padding so you don’t have to worry about shipment damages.

Zahocho Knives Tokyo included a fragile sticker
Zahocho Knives Tokyo included a fragile sticker

Questions & Answers with Zahocho Knives Tokyo

What is the vision of Zahocho Originals?

”My vision for the originals is to have a knife that would cater to the majority of knife enthusiasts from beginners to serious amateurs as well as collectors. It’s a knife that simply gets the job done without being overcomplicated and intimidating. A fun knife to use that feels solid and authoritative in the hand. While the specifications are initially based on my personal preferences, I have slowly incorporated requests by customers/users as well as observations I get in various knife groups and forums. In the future, it will actually be a collab between users and the blacksmith as I will be putting aside my own preferences; I will simply act as a bridge between the two.”

– Zahocho Knives Tokyo, Fred
Kisuke x Zahocho Gyuto
Kisuke x Zahocho Gyuto

Why did Zahocho Knives Tokyo introduce a Collab line instead of going for a fully branded Zahocho Original? 

”I want to highlight the blacksmith who made it so a collab is better. It’s also my way of showing my respect and recognition to the craftsman. Even on the product’s naming format, I make sure that the name of the blacksmith appears first before the Zahocho brand (e.g. Kisuke Manaka x Zahocho) and not the other way around.”

– Zahocho Knives Tokyo, Fred
Kisuke Manaka X Zahocho Knives Tokyo
Kisuke Manaka X Zahocho Knives Tokyo

When was Zahocho Knives Tokyo Established? 

”October 2019.”

– Zahocho Knives Tokyo, Fred

What is the story behind the name Zahocho? (坐 – 坐包丁)?

”Za is actually a wordplay from the English word, “the” which is “za” in Japanese. So in English, the literal translation of Zahocho is “The Knife”. Here, we wanted to help people find “the” knife that they will surely love be it an inexpensive knife or a very rare collector’s item. This is why we carry various knives and brands that cater to three types of people: [a] the practical one who wants an inexpensive but reliable knife; [b] the serious enthusiast who requires awesome craftsmanship and excellent performance; and, [c] the collector who loves those mystical blades made by some of the best Japanese blacksmiths. I myself am still looking for “the” knife—” the one”. It may sound corny but this is just the simple reason behind the name. :)” 

– Zahocho Knives Tokyo, Fred

Zahocho Knives Tokyo


Zahocho Knives Tokyo
2-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan 107-0062

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below or contact Zahocho Knives Tokyo for more information.

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