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Shi Ba Zi Zuo Chinese Dual/All-Purpose Cleaver X-211

The Shibazi Zou X-211 is currently only sold to the Chinese market and is not listed in the western webshops. If you want this knife to be available outside of China, I recommend contacting ShiBaZi Zou through their official Amazon store page.

Shi Ba Zi Zuo – X-211

Rockwell Hardness and Edge retention + (HRC)

The knife Rockwell hardness feels like 56 during my testing. Since there is no information about this X-211, you have to take my word for it. You can get away with 1 to 2 months before needing a whetstone touch-up if you regularly hone your knife with a honing rod.  

Rockwell between 56/57

Sharpened Angle

The sharpened Angle is also very interesting. The front two-thirds part is sharpened at an angle of 25 degrees, and the heel area is sharpened at a 30-degree angle. It is the first time I see two different angles on a knife. 

The sharpened angle of the Front 2/3th 25 Degrees
The sharpened angle of the Front 2/3th 25 Degrees

Core Material

The 4cr13 is a stainless steel type; it is very durable and sturdy. Going through semi-frozen food, small bones not larger than a chicken bone should be fine with this Cleaver but use the heel area to do those tasks. The front part is for normal slicing. 

The sharpened angle of the Front 2/3th 30 Degrees
The sharpened angle of the Front 2/3th 30 Degrees

Blade aesthetic and food release

The blade is a mono steel construction, so there is no cladding. The diagonal scratch pattern helps with food release. 

Shi Ba Zi Zuo - X-211 - Monosteel
Shi Ba Zi Zuo – X-211 – Monosteel

Blade profile

The blade profile is very interesting. The knife profile is entirely curved. There are no flat spots. The curve is gentle and works decently with the shorter length of this knife. 

Shi Ba Zi Zuo - X-211 - Profile
Shi Ba Zi Zuo – X-211 – Profile

Weight and Spine tapering 

The knife’s weight is around 400 grams, and it is quite heavy, but because of the smaller form factor and ergonomics of the handle, it does not feel very heavy. The knife does not have a spine taper, and the thickness across the spine is 2.2mm. The blade is very stiff, and there is no noticeable flex during use. 

Shi Ba Zi Zuo - X-211 - Spine
Shi Ba Zi Zuo – X-211 – Spine

Knife balance point

The balance point of this knife is at the front. If you pinch grip at the curved cap, the knife will be front-heavy, which you want for a cleaver-style knife.

Front heavy Balance Point

Knife handle

The knife handle is a western-style handle and is very sturdy. The scales of the handle is made from plastic that is held together by three rivets. The handle’s curves are very comfortable; it also has a curved butt to prevent you from slipping. The design of the handle forces you automatically in a fixed, relaxed position at the curved cap. 

Western Handle Design
Western Handle Design

Fit and Finish

The spine and heel of this knife are quite sharp. However, because of the fixed handle position, you won’t touch the spine and the heel. The handle is nicely polished, and there are no protrusions. The only thing to note is the open space at the curved cap. Therefore you need to make sure that that area is completely dry before storing.

Open space at the cap can cause problems
Open space at the cap can cause problems

Final Conclusion and my Recommendation

The ShiBaZi Zou X-211 is a good knife for home use. It is a Dual or also called an All-purpose cleaver. The Angle of 25 degrees at the front and 30 degrees at the heel is interesting, and I like the idea. However, a 25-degree angle is sacrificing sharpness over durability. The 25 degree is very noticeable, so my advice is to add a 20-degree angle at the front two-thirds and 25 at the heel. The western handle on the Chinese Cleaver is also a nice addition and works surprisingly well. However, I recommend the P03 or P04 from Shi Ba Zi Zuo over the X-211. A Review of the bigger version P01 can be found here, P03 and P04 do not have the weak points mentioned in the P01 and X-211 versions.

Shi Ba Zi Zuo – Version: X-211

I N F O:

The Shi Ba Zi Zuo X-211 is currently only sold in China this was a gift from a friend that went to China (The price was around ¥120/¥150 CNY which is approx $15/$22 US).

If you want the X-211 listed on Amazon:

Contact Shi Ba Zi Zuo through their Official Amazon Store Page.

🛒 S H O P

My Recommendation is the Shi Ba Zi  or  over the X-211.
(*Make sure you select the correct one since P01 and P02 are very heavy and big):

Note: The above version is a ”Dual Purpose” also known as an ”All-Purpose” Chinese cleaver. It means that you can use the heel to go through smaller bones like a chicken bone or duck carcass.

For a vegetable version, I recommend
(they have 2 sizes I recommend thefor home use that is the shorter version)

Official Shi Ba Zi Zuo Amazon store

Amazon Version F208-1 (9 inches)

8inch version F208-2 (my Recommendation)

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