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Tojiro DP Gyuto Knife Review 180mm FU807 VG10 (Fujitora)

The Gyuto from Tojiro has a VG10 core material and comes with an outer stainless steel cladding. The cladding is very visible and adds to the aesthetics of the knife. The blade has a brushed vertical finish, which also helps break down water content from food to stick less on your blade. The knife comes with a full-tang handle with three rivets. There is also a distal spine taper.

Tojiro DP 180mm Gyuto
Tojiro DP 180mm Gyuto

Knife Rockwell Hardness and Core Material

The knife’s Rockwell hardness is specified with a Rockwell of 60. If used at home, you can get away with 6 to 7 months before needing a whetstone touch-up if you regularly hone your knife with a honing rod.
The VG10 core material has excellent stainless properties, so you don’t have to worry about rusting your blade. There is a slightly noticeable flex during use. Keep in mind that the VG10 is more brittle and should not be used to slice through frozen food, bones, cheese, or hard bread, or force your way through other food like chocolate.

Tojiro DP Gyuto Choil - Double bevel 12 degrees sharpened angle
Tojiro DP Gyuto Choil – Double bevel 12 degrees sharpened angle

Blade profile

The Profile of the Tojiro 180mm Gyuto has a gentle curve at the front. And you can still rock with it. There is also enough knuckle clearance. The blade height and handle are the same as the 210mm Gyuto from Tojiro.

Tojiro DP Gyuto Blade Profile 180mm
Tojiro DP Gyuto Blade Profile 180mm

Balance Point

The balance point of this knife is at the bolster. If you pinch grip at the blade or in front of the slightly curved bolster, the knife will become back heavy, accommodating the rocking motion.

Balance point at the bolster
Balance point at the bolster

Knife handle

The knife handle sits comfortably in your hand. It has a butt at the end of the handle, which prevents you from slipping. The curved bolster also adds extra grip. The full-tang reinforced, laminated wooden handle increases the durability of the handle and protects it against deforming.

Tojiro 180mm DP Gyuto Handle
Tojiro 180mm DP Gyuto Handle

Finish and quality control

Everything is nicely flushed, there are no protrusions on the handle or at the rivets. The polish on the spine and the choil are slightly sharp, but it is not noticeable with the pinch grip at the front of the bolster.

Slightly sharp spine and choil but not noticeable with a pinch grip
Slightly sharp spine and choil but not noticeable with a pinch grip

Suitable for home cooks?

The knife is suitable for home cooks because of its excellent rust-resistant properties. It is also light, thin, and agile due to the shorter length of 180mm. It is excellent for home cooks that have limited space to prep their food in. But keep in mind that the Santoku is probably a better alternative for most home cooks, and I suggest that you at least research the Santoku before you decide on this 180mm Gyuto. Especially if you are searching for a smaller knife, otherwise I recommend the 210mm over the 180mm Gyuto from Tojiro.

Other alternatives: Santoku or a Bunka
Other alternatives: Santoku or a Bunka

Suitable for professional cooks?

You should know that the 180mm would probably be used as a specialized knife for professional cooks, and you already have other knives that do those kinds of tasks like a petty knife. So worth it or not, that is something you have to decide.

Great stainless properties
Great stainless properties

🛒S H O P:

Tojiro DP F808 – (210 mm):
NA: Tojiro DP Gyuto
EU: Tojiro DP Gyuto

Tojiro Santoku (170mm):
NA: Tojiro Santoku
EU: Tojiro Santoku

N O T E S: Personally I find the Tojiro pricing in the USA affordable.
210mm for around $75, and 180mm for around $65 is a good deal. Unfortunately, pricing in Europe is around 100 Euro for 180mm and 120 Euro for 210mm.

I advise you to pay 20 euros more for a different Japanese-made knife when the prices in the European area are still that high for a Tojiro DP3.

The attractiveness of a Tojiro DP3 is its price. When the price advantage is so small I recommend a different Japanese branded knife.

Sakai Takayuki VG10
Takamura VG10
Ryusen V Gold VG10
Misono VG10

Above branded knives and their Gyuto versions are around 120/150 Euro. Compared to the 210mm Tojiro for 120 Euro.

🛒S H O P: 

For NA with a price range of $120:

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