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Xinzuo’s 2023 Knife Collection: First Impressions of the New Series

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Xinzuo, who sent me three of their latest knives for an honest first impression review. In this article, I’ll share my initial thoughts after unboxing these knives.

The knives I received three knives for evaluation:

Jiang Series Chef’s Knife with Japanese AUS10:

Jiang Series Chef’s Knife with Japanese AUS10

The unique cobblestone-like pattern caught my eye immediately, and although I haven’t tested it on food yet, it certainly has aesthetic appeal.

Jiang Series Chef’s Knife with Japanese AUS10 – Pattern

The knife comes with a fit and finish that you’d expect from Xinzuo, with a comfortable handle that feels great in my hand. It appears to be tailored for a broader audience and is beginner-friendly, as I could see from the choil.

Jiang Series Chef’s Knife with Japanese AUS10 – Choil

Zhen Series Chef Knife with Copper Damascus:

Zhen Series Chef Knife with Copper Damascus

The Zhen Series knife features an intriguing infused Copper Damascus pattern that the camera doesn’t do justice to. While it shares similarities with the ZDP-189, it comes with Xinzuo’s 12Cr18CoMoV core, giving it a different weight and thickness compared to the ZDP-189 version.

Zhen Series Chef Knife with Copper Damascus – Choil

Jiang Series with 110 Layers of Damascus Steel:

Jiang Series with 110 Layers of Damascus Steel

The 110 Layers Jiang Series knife surprised me with its unique and glossy Damascus pattern. What truly impressed me was the thinness of the knife grind, even thinner than the ZDP-189 knife that I’m fond of. The handle design remains consistent with the Jiang Series with Japanese AUS10, but the wood feels noticeably different and better. The Choil of this knife provides insights into its grind type.

Jiang Series 110 Layers Damascus Choil

Looking Ahead: While my first impressions are positive, I will do an in-depth review of all three knives soon. I’ll provide a link to the full review once it’s ready, so stay tuned for more in-depth insights.

Left: Jiang Series Coreless – Right: Jiang Series AUS10

Jiang Series Chef’s knife Japanese AU10
Zhen Series Chef Knife Copper Damascus
Jiang Series 110 Layers Damascus Steel

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