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Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri Review – Kurouchi Finish 170mm

According to the seller, the Nakiri from Grandsharp has an AUS10 core and an outer softer stainless steel cladding. The cladding is very visible and adds to the aesthetics of the knife. The blade also comes with a Kurouchi finish and a traditional Wa-handle with an octagon shape. 

Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri Review - Kurouchi Finish 170mm
Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri Review – Kurouchi Finish 170mm

Knife Rockwell Hardness and Core Material

The knife’s Rockwell hardness is specified with a Rockwell of 60. However, during my testing, the Rockwell is more than 57. If used at home, you can get away with 2 to 3 months before needing a whetstone touch-up if you regularly hone your knife with a honing rod. It should not be used to slice through frozen food or chop through bones. 

Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri

Blade aesthetic and food release

The Kurouchi finish on the Nakiri from Grandsharp adds extra characteristics. The Kurouchi finish is on the rougher side, and I wish they smoothed it out a little more. The finish does help with the food release, and the cladding is also nicely visible. 

Grandsharp AUS10 Kurouchi

Blade profile

The knife profile of this Nakiri is more on a hybrid side, meaning that it is curved and less straight. You can rock with the knife heel area and use the front to slice. There are also no hard stops. If you are used to the traditional straighter Nakiri’s, then this profile is not for you. 

Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri Hybrid Profile
Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri Hybrid Profile

Knife balance point

The knife balance point is just past the neck area, and with the pinch grip, the knife is middle-balanced, which works well with the hybrid profile. 

Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri Balance Point (middle)
Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri Balance Point (middle)

Knife handle

The knife handle is a wooden octagon handle. Compared to the Japanese octagon handle, it is on the bigger and longer side for the blade’s length of 170mm. However, the handle does not feel uncomfortable, but the handle might be a bit big if you have a small to medium hand size. 

Wooden Handle
Wooden Handle
Compared to the Japanese Wa-handle
Compared to the Japanese Wa-handle

Fit and Finish 

The fit and finish are quite good despite the slightly more rough Kuroichi finish, and there are no noticeable quality control issues.

Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri no quality problems on my version

Weight & Distal Spine Taper

The knife weight of 264 grams is on the heavier side. The knife also does not have a spine taper, and the spine thickness is 2.6mm.

Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri – No Taper

Blacksmith Finish

The Kurouchi finish will not come off if you use it normally, but you should know that particular food and its acidic level can affect it. Things like lemons, vinegar, tomatoes, and alcoholic liquid can affect the Kuroichi finish if the knife is exposed to that liquid. 


If you expect a Japanese Nakiri in terms of performance, this knife will not deliver on that aspect. While the knife has the Traditional Japanese look, it will not perform like one. The handle is on the larger side for the blade size, and the weight is also heavy. The thickness of the knife adds durability and takes away from Japanese-made knives’ smooth-cutting performance. If you don’t compare it to the Japanese knife, this knife is quite suitable for all home cooks. However, the claim of an AUS10 with a Rockwell of 60 is not right with the version I received. The Rockwell hardness is 57 during my testing. In terms of performance, the core material performs the same as a 9cr18mov and not an AUS10. 

Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri vs Mcusta Zanmai Nakiri
Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri

N O T E S:

While my version did not reach the promised Rockwell of 60 but 57 the knife itself is quite good. Performance-wise I think that the knife core is not an AUS10 but a 9cr18mov which can reach a Rockwell up to 60 but usually it sits around 58. For $33 with a free edge guard, there is not much to complain about. You should not compare it to a Japanese knife since it misses a lot of aspects or traits that a Japanese knife has.

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Grandsharp AUS10 Nakiri (Hammered Kurouchi Finish 170mm)

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