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Should you buy Japanese specialized knives made in China? (AliExpress)

Single-beveled knives are getting replaced by double-beveled knives, but in some cuisines, the single-beveled knives will still have their place. At work, I use the Yanagiba’s the most when it comes to preparing fish. I have replaced the Deba with a double beveled Chef’s knife or Gyuto instead of the Single beveled Deba for filleting. But when it comes to making a paste from fish, I prefer the heavier Deba. 

Single bevel vs Double bevel
Single bevel vs Double bevel

Chinese-made Japanese specialized knives

When it came to a Japanese specialized knife made in China, my experience with them was mixed. Keep in mind that the knives I bought were in early 2019 when only a select few brands offered single-beveled knives. Now at the end of 2020, I have seen a lot of brands offering single beveled knives. 

Huiwill Yanagiba and Findking Sakimaru
Huiwill Yanagiba and Findking Sakimaru

My concern with Single beveled knives made in China

My biggest concern with buying specialized knives from China is that I don’t know what I get until it gets delivered. In this case, the knife I purchased from Huiwill has terrible heat treatment, and it is so bad that I don’t believe that they used Japanese imported AUS10 at all. However, I got what I paid for back in early 2019, this Yanagiba with a length of 270mm was only $25 with free shipping.    

Huiwill Yanagiba
Huiwill Yanagiba

Quality control

While a select few brands did a good job, they had some quality problems in early 2019. And some of the brands even pulled out the entire knife line-up in early 2019 and never listed the knives back. 

Huiwill Deba Handle
Huiwill Deba Handle

Extremely bad knives

When it comes to specialized knives, they are specialized for a reason. In this case, the knife core material was not the promised Japanese imported AUS10 with a Rockwell of 60 or higher. I highly believe that the Rockwell is around 56 or even lower, which is unacceptable for a specialized knife like a Yanagiba. After my first nigiri slice, I had my doubts, and after three pieces, I had to stop using the knife entirely at work. The concave is way too pronounced, but there is a positive side. The fit and finish were decent. 

Huiwill Yanagiba
Findking Sakimaru
Findking Sakimaru

Misleading advertisement? 

Brands like Huiwill, made me lose my faith in Chinese-made knives. But after talking to the direct original equipment manufacturers, I now understand how this can happen. Their contract is with the brand owner, and if they want a terrible core material and no heat treatment, they will deliver as long as the brand owner pays for the manufacturing process. If they wish to use Japanese AUS10 stamped as a logo on the blade, they will provide that too with no questions even when the core is not an AUS10. But that being said, some good brands do not mislead customers, but finding them will be a challenging task.

Huiwill Yanagiba and Deba
Huiwill Yanagiba and Deba

Will I review the specialized Japanese-styled knife in China?

I will try my best to review a few specialized Japanese-styled knives made in China because of the comment section’s request. Finding them will be challenging, so make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to get notified. If you had some good experience with a brand or certain specialized Japanese-styled knife made in China, make sure to comment on the brand name, knife style, and experience in the comment section below. 

Findking Sakimaru
Findking Sakimaru

🛒S H O P:

Huiwill 270mm Yanagiba
(not recommended for professional use and I highly doubt the Japanese AUS10 Claim):

NA & EU: Huiwill 270mm Yanagiba

Huiwill Deba
(Deba was quite good for making ”Surimi” (Fish Paste) despite the quality control problems for filleting it lacked the sharpness and edge retention):

NA & EU: Huiwill Deba

Findking Sakimaru 10.5 inch (27CM) Official Amazon Store:

NA: Findking Sakimaru 10.5 inch (27CM)
EU: Findking Sakimaru 10.5 inch (27CM)
(AliExpress): Findking Sakimaru 10.5 inch (27CM)

Findking Yanagiba version:
NA: Findking Yanagiba
EU: Findking Yanagiba

Findking Official Amazon NA Store

Findking on AliExpress

N O T E S:

Huiwill has changed its store a lot compared to Early (February) 2019. I don’t know if they have improved the heat treatment or not but after this experience I will not buy from them again.

Early (February) 2019 Findking had some quality control problems and their Yanagiba still has not been relisted or in stock yet in 2020

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