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Leshan Dual Purpose Cleaver Review 4cr13

The comes with an authentic look. It means that each knife will be different since it is entirely handmade. You have to accept that the blade has human errors. It means that you can see multiple indents, scratches, uneven choil, and more. It is communicated on their store page and something I already expected. 

Leshan Dual Purpose Cleaver

Leshan 4cr13 Core Material

The Cleaver comes with a 4cr13 core material with a Rockwell hardness of around 55. It is a core material with good stainless properties, and it is durable.

Leshan 4cr13 core
Leshan 4cr13 core

Edge durability & sharpened angle

The knife is sharpened at a 20-degree angle at the front two-thirds and around 30 degrees at the heel area. The core material is also strong, so you don’t have to worry about chipping, and the heel area is used to go through small bones not larger than a chicken bone.  

Leshan sahrpend angle
Leshan sahrpend angle

Edge Retention

With a Rockwell of around 55, the knife’s edge can be held for approximately two weeks with regular honing sessions before needing whetstone maintenance. 

Edge retention approximately two weeks
Edge retention approximately two weeks

Weight and Spine tapering 

The weight of around 440grams is quite heavy, and the knife has no distal spine tapering, which is typical for a Chinese Cleaver. The thickness across the spine is approximately 6mm.

6 mm spine thickness
6 mm spine thickness

Spine Thickness

The spine thickness is the most exciting part about this Leshan cleaver. While a thickness of around 6mm is very thick, the purpose is directly clear once you grab the knife. While it is a perfect thickness to tenderize meat, the thick spine’s main benefit is the gripping comfort and the added grip. 

Leshan Profile taper

Profile Tapering

Despite the thick spine, the knife performs very well and does not split the food. It is made possible by the very aggressive and thin profile taper at the front. The knife’s heel is thicker since it is a dual-purpose cleaver and suitable to go through smaller bones with the blade’s heel.   

Suitable for bones smaller than a chicken bone

Knife handle

The wooden handle comes untreated and is quite dry. You can apply some mineral oil to treat the knife handle. 

Wooden handle

Knife balance point

The balance point of this knife is at the front. If you pinch grip at the blade or the handle, the knife will be front-heavy, which you want for a cleaver-style knife.

Front heavy balance point

Blade profile

The blade profile is curved but works well for slicing and chopping through bones. Both the front and the heel are curved upwards to prevent you from digging into your cutting board.

Curved blade profile
Curved blade profile

Fit and Finish

It is an authentic blade with that, I mean. It is made without power tools so that you will see human errors. The blade has a lot of scratches and indents, and the choil has some thick spots. It is very rough, which is communicated by the seller. If you expect a flawless knife, then this knife is not recommended. 

Uneven choil
Uneven choil

Final Conclusion and my Recommendation

If you are looking for an authentic handmade Chinese knife from the Sichuan province, this is a knife you can consider. It is entirely handmade without modernized tools, and you will see imperfections in every single knife, and no knife will have the same specifications. It is a knife that lacks many aspects if you compare it to modernized knife manufacturers and bladesmiths. It brings you back to when it was impossible to make an exact copy of a mug made from glass. 

Back in the day, it was impossible to make identical glass mugs
Back in the day, it was impossible to make identical glass mugs

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