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Why I like the Kiwi knife from Thailand

The kiwi knives use stainless steel, and the Rockwell hardness should be around 50 to 51. The edge gets dull after a few minutes of use. However, with the very thin blade, most people would not notice the edge degradation. The wooden version does not have the best finish, but it is not noticeable when you use the knife. The Kiwi brand also offers a plastic version, which is just fine. Because of the very thin and soft blade, the knife has a noticeable flex. It is something that not everyone likes.

Kiwi knife
Kiwi knife


Despite all the flaws, the Kiwi knives are very fun to play with. The steel is so soft that you can force a new edge with just a honing rod. Not only can you force a new edge whenever the blade is dull, but all you have to do is to run the knife on something harder than the knife steel, and the edges would be straight again. 

Ceramic bowl

Why I like the Kiwi knife

The reason why I like this knife so much is because of the thin blade. While I notice that the edge is getting duller and duller after a few minutes of use, you can quickly bring back the edge with just a honing rod. There is no need for a whetstone to get the edge back to life as you can force a new edge with just a honing rod. 

Noticeable Flex during use
Noticeable Flex during use

Splitting effect of a thinner blade

Since the knife is thin, most people would not notice that the edge is no longer sharp since it minimizes the splitting effect on harder food. However, the edge will glide away and not bite the food when it is dull.

While most will not notice the dullness because of the thinner blade the food gets torn instead of sliced

Kiwi knives are a great souvenir.

The cheap knife costs around 6 to 8 dollars online, but if you visit Thailand. You will be able to get the knife for around 2 dollars, a perfect souvenir for yourself or your friends.

Easy to maintain
Easy to maintain

When I visit other countries like South Korea, I buy a chopstick as a souvenir.

Chopstick from South Korea

When I went to Japan, I also bought a chopstick as a souvenir. If I ever go to Thailand, I will be purchasing a Kiwi knife. The knife is fun to use, and it is a knife that I recommend to those that don’t take care of their knives. They are durable, and maintenance is simple.  

Chopstick from Osaka, Japan (I also bought a knife for myself) for those that can read Japanese it was not a gift but I bought it for myself no worries 😛

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