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Sunnecko Chef knife Japanese VG10 + G10 Handle – AliExpress

The Sunnecko chef knife (8 inch/20cm) is according to the seller made from the Imported Japanese VG10 core material. It comes with a Damascus layered outer cladding and has a partial G10 handle (water and heat-resistant handle). The knife is manufactured in China. Sunnecko also has a sub-brand called Keemake.

Sunnecko choil

Rockwell Hardness and Core Material

The knife Rockwell is around 59/60 during my testing. If used at home, you can get away with 4 to 5 months before needing a whetstone touch-up if you regularly hone your knife with a honing rod. The core material is claimed to be made of Japanese VG10 steel. The heat treatment is acceptable, and the Rockwell is slightly higher than a Rockwell of 59. It is advisable not to use it on frozen food, bones, cheese, or hard bread, or push your way through other food like chocolate or nuts.

Sunnecko Rockwell of 59/60

Blade profile of Sunnecko Chef Knife

The blade profile is similar to a german chef’s knife. It means that you have the same curvy belly profile that is suitable for rocking motions.

 Sunnecko blade profile VS Wusthof profile
Sunnecko blade profile VS Wusthof profile

Distal Spine Taper and Flex on the blade?

The Sunnecko chef knife comes with a spine taper, which means that the heel’s performance and thickness to the front will be different. It will be sharper at the front since it is thinner and sturdier at the heel because of its thickness. The knife is also sturdy, and there is no noticeable flex during use.

Sunnecko chef knife distal taper
Sunnecko chef knife distal taper

Knuckle Clearance

There is also enough knuckle clearance on the knife if you use the pinch grip at the curved bolster.

Enough knuckle clearance with the pinch grip at the bolster
Enough knuckle clearance with the pinch grip at the bolster

Balance Point of Sunnecko chef knife

The knife balance point is at the curved bolster which. If you pinch at the bolster, the knife is neither front nor back heavy.

Sunnecko balance point
Sunnecko balance point

Knife handle of Sunnecko chef knife

The knife handle design is made from a partial G10 material. This gives the knife a unique one-piece steel construction. The blade and the handle are welded together. The bolster has a curved vertical cap that makes it ideal for the pinch grip.

Partial G10 handle
Partial G10 handle

Weight, finish, and quality control

The knife weight of 261 grams makes the knife just as heavy as an 8-inch (20cm) German Chef knife. The blade has an excellent finish on the spine and choil no sharp edges there. The knife handle has no protrusions; however, the G10 finish is not perfect. But this is only visible to the eyes, so you won’t be able to feel it.

G10 finish is not perfect
G10 finish is not perfect

Suitable for home cooks?

If you have sweaty hands or can’t keep your knife hand clean and dry, I would advise you to look for a knife with a different handle. The partial G10 does not add any extra grip and has only an aesthetical function the same as the mosaic rivet.

Slippery in wet conditions or with gloves on
Slippery in wet conditions or with gloves on

Suitable for professional cooks?

Since the handle becomes slippery with wet hands or kitchen gloves, it is not the best knife for the professional kitchen. The Sunnecko partial G10 knife lineup also does not offer knives that are 10 inches or longer. Therefore it is not suitable for professional cooks.

G10 only for aesthetics
G10 only for aesthetics

🛒S H O P:

Sunnecko Chef knife 8 inches (20cm)
Other Sunnecko Knives

N O T E S: 

Sunnecko, as a brand has some quality control issues, and not all knife lineups, are equal they also have a sub-brand called Keemake.


🛒S H O P:

Xinzuo Chef knife (Gyuto) 210mm – Yun Series

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Hi, I'm ChefPanko, I have worked for multiple restaurants and have decided to share my experience with you guys. I will share recipes and techniques that I have learned, taken, and improved from the French, Japanese restaurants that I have worked for. I will also explore other cuisines with you guys.

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  1. Hello Chef,

    Thanks for a great reviews you make and articles you post!
    After studying a material you provided, I would like to chose a 8″ chef knife for a not intense home use for my dad. He is talking about high HRC hardness knife with western handle, which brings me to VG10/AUS10/10Cr15CoMoV.
    As for me, I would chose 8″ Keemake AUS10 that you have reviewed and high ranked it but my dad claims that 5cm blade is too wide and he prefers 4.3-4.5cm that you can find in Sunnecko with VG10 similar to this one that you reviewed here, or in XINZUO/Yarenh, since they have a good production quality giving up VG10.
    The main criteria that I’m looking for is edge retention and how easy would it be to sharpen. the corrosion resistance is less important since the knife will be cleaned and dried after each use.
    So, long story short, what can you recommend – a Sunnecko with VG10 because its VG10 blade or to give up the VG10 and to select a XINZUO because of their good quality and better then reviewed Sunnecko cutting edge profile?

    By the way, I applied FINDKING and they stated that they stated that their VG10 is not from from Japan but from China

    Thank you

    1. Hi Roman, Sunnecko, and Keemake, which is a sub-brand from Sunnecko; their quality control in the past was not always the best.
      As for Sunnecko, the knuckle clearance on the blade is something you should consider. While I did not try all their knives, the knuckle clearance was at the minimum.

      Xinzuo is currently delivering me a consistent quality knife with enough knuckle clearance so far.
      Their 10cr15comov is one of the best I have tested from all other brands that use the same steel-type.

      Findking only confirmed to me that their AUS10 was imported but not for all knives have the imported AUS10. (this was early 2019)
      I have no idea if they have changed things in the meantime, but most of their knives are 10cr15comov or in the ”Cr” steel range.

      But they sometimes advertise with VG10/AUS10 while selling 10cr15comov (definitely contact them to double-check).

      The difference is if they claim ”imported Japanese” AUS10 or use VG10 or AUS10 only in the description.
      Or some sellers hide the text in the description by saying equivalent to VG10/AUS10.

      All the mentioned steel is stainless, so no worries about rusting.
      Many people forget that High Carbon knives like Aogami Super will rust by the room humidity alone.

      I have a list of popular steel-types here:

      another brand is called Tuo Cutlery (Imported Japanese AUS10 according to Tuo Cutlery):

      As for the above two knives, I will Choose Xinzuo over Sunnecko. (better quality control and their 10cr15comov heat treatment is one of the best that I have seen compared to other 10cr15comov from other brands)

      Hope that this helps.

      1. Absolutely!
        So, I will go on xinzuo since TUO is not sold in Ali and there is no delivery from Amazon this time to my country. As for 5cm blade, I will chose keemake AUS10 from your review

        As for findking, I have not seen aus10 knives in their catalog and those which are engraved with vg10 in the logo, it’s not Japanese. Yesterday they answered me that the steel is made in China

        Thank you

        1. This store on Ali sells some of the Tuo Cutlery knives:

          Be aware that I don’t Like Wallop and the Samura brand that is also sold on that store.
          Samura is a discontinued brand from Russia but made in China (at least the version that is sold on that store, if I’m correct Samura went for a different EOM manufacturer).

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