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Zwilling Traditional Chef’s Knife Review – German Chef’s Knife

This is a traditional chef’s knife profile from Zwilling. Zwilling has a newer version with a more rounded tip. I like the traditional chef’s knife however, the new Zwilling Professional S line is not something that I want to use. This is a review about the Zwilling Traditional Chef’s knife so there is no bolster or an extra rounded tip.

The aesthetics of Zwilling Traditional Chef’s knife

There is nothing special about this knife so no Damascus patterns. The classic look and the brushed finish reminded me how the knives used to be before I switched to the fancy Japanese knives designed for the western markets like the Shun or a Miyabi. This reminded me when I did a starch in a French restaurant. Since I was applying to become an apprentice they wanted me to work for free to see if I had it in me to become an apprentice. Starching means working for free to apply for the job, apprenticeship, internship. The knife I got from the chef was his personal knife and he gave me a 10 inch traditional Zwilling chef’s knife.

Traditional Chef’s Knife – Brushed Finish

Plastic Handle

It has no fancy naming like the G10 (Fiberglass) handle which is a popular handle type for pocket knives. The Zwilling also does not have a fancy name like the Wusthof that calls their handle material POM ( Polyoxymethylene), which is in reality just a fancy word for ”plastic”. Because they feel the same and share the same hygienic properties like the POM and G10 handle. No maintenance is needed for this plastic handle.

Zwilling Traditional Chef's Knife

Edge Retention, Steel-Type: Fiodur Steel
Handle Comfort: Plastic
Rust Resistance

A good Multi Purpose Chef's Knife

The knife is a very good all-purpose knife. If it wasn't for the recommended price of $150 I would Highly recommend this knife. It is durable and you don't have to worry about chipping this blade.

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