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TwoSun TS999 Kitchen Knife Review – 14C28N Steel

The TwoSun TS999 kitchen knife comes with mono steel construction. The G10 handle comes with one mosaic rivet in the middle. 

TwoSun TS999 - Mono 14C28N Steel
TwoSun TS999 – Mono 14C28N Steel

TwoSun TS999 Chef’s knife 14c28n Core Material

The TwoSun TS999 Chef’s knife comes with a 14c28n core material. TwoSun has no information about the knife steel and Rockwell hardness. But during my testing, the knife hardness is around 59 or slightly higher. 

TwoSun TS999 – 14C28N Steel – Rockwell 59+

Edge durability & sharpened angle

The knife is sharpened at a 17-degree angle per side. This angle gives the knife extra durability without sacrificing its sharpness. The 14c28n steel is tough and durable. It should not be a problem to go through a fish’s spine. 

TwoSun TS999 - 17 Degrees sharpened angle
TwoSun TS999 – 17 Degrees sharpened angle

Edge Retention

With a Rockwell of 59, the knife can hold the edge for around five months with regular honing sessions before needing whetstone maintenance. 

TwoSun TS999 - 14C28N Steel - Choil

Weight and Spine tapering 

The knife comes with a spine taper of 2.8mm at the heel, 2.5mm in the middle, and 1.9mm at the front, measured before the slanted tip.

TwoSun TS999 Spine Tapering
TwoSun TS999 Spine Tapering

TwoSun TS999 Flex

The knife is very stiff, and there is no flex because of the mono steel construction of the TwoSun knife. 

14C28N Steel - Stiff knife
14C28N Steel – Stiff knife

Knife handle

Because of the general handle design, it will be comfortable for a wider audience. There are no unique curves to favor a specific gripping style. However, with the diagonal bolster, the best gripping style would be a pinch grip at the bolster area. 

G10 Handle
G10 Handle

Knife balance point

The balance point of this knife is at the back of the diagonal bolster. With a pinch grip at the bolster, the knife will be back-heavy. 

Point of Balance
Point of Balance
Gripping at the diagonal bolster makes it back heavy

Blade profile & weight

The blade profile is very curved, and it works great for those that prefer to rock. Combined with the balance point and the knife’s weight of 288 grams, it will assist you with your cutting motion.  

Curved profile for those that like to rock
Curved profile for those that like to rock

Knuckle Clearance

You don’t have to worry about the knuckle clearance since it will have enough clearance with all gripping styles. 

TwoSun TS999 - Knuckle Clearance
TwoSun TS999 – Knuckle Clearance

Final Conclusion and my Recommendation

The TwoSun TS999 is not the best-looking or fanciest knife out there. However, they deliver on every single aspect of what I expect from a Chef’s knife. The biggest surprise is the 14c28n steel. The 14c28n has decent edge retention and good rust resistance properties. The steel is strong enough to withstand some abuse. The 17 degrees sharpened angle is a welcoming factor since we see more and more knife manufacturers pushing for a lower sharpened angle which is not always the best based on the knife steel type and knife style.    

Edge retention is better than a 440C or x50crmov15
Edge retention is better than a 440C or x50crmov15

🛒S H O P:
TwoSun TS999

N O T E S:
The 14C28N steel is the biggest surprise, I like the steel a lot and it can hold the edge for a longer period than an X50CrMoV15 or 440C, Friodur Steel. (Better edge retention than a Wusthof Ikon Classic and Zwilling Pro).


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